In der Druckwerkstatt, Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institut

Caspar David Friedrich Institute

The Caspar David Friedrich-Institute at the University of Greifswald is the only place in Germany which offers the possibility of studying both Art History and Fine Arts, with additional modules on Art Theory and Art Education.

Studying at the Caspar David Friedrich Institute in Greifswald means being part of a small university steeped in tradition. The university was founded in 1456, whilst the Caspar David Friedrich Institute had its beginnings in an 18th century academic art room, which had been under the direction of Johann Gottfried Quistorp since 1788. It was in this art room that Caspar David Friedrich studied art and attended drawing classes. The Seminar for Art History was founded as early as 1907, followed by the Institute of Art Pedagogy in 1946. In 2001, the Bachelor and Master degree-courses in Fine Arts and Art History were created.

The scientific and artistic exploration of Caspar David Friedrich’s work has always been an area of particular interest at the institute, to which the many symposia, lectures, workshops and exhibitions regularly organised by the different departments and research teams bear ample testimony.

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