C. D. Friedrich, Wiesen bei Greifswald (Kuhweide), 1809/15, © Privatbesitz
Am „Wiesen“-Aussichtspunkt

Meadows near Greifswald

Many of Caspar David Friedrich’s motifs in and around Greifswald have remained more or less virtually unchanged and can still be discovered today. One of his most famous motifs is that depicted in the painting ‘Meadows near Greifswald’. Whilst the original painting (1820 – 1822), which is probably the artist’s most famous work, can be admired in the Kunsthalle in Hamburg, the original location, mirroring the exact perspective of the painting, can be visited on the outskirts of Greifswald. Unfortunately, the exact spot to the north west of the city from where the artist painted his view can no longer be identified, due to the construction of new buildings and the planting of trees. However, the three large churches, St. Mary’s, St. Nicholas’ and St. Jacob’s still define the impressive cityscape of the old Hanseatic City of Greifswald.

The location ‘Neuer Friedhof’ (New Cemetery) is one of the stops on the Caspar David Friedrich Trail.